General Ben Davis: An Inspiration To All

general ben davis an inspiration to all

Benjamin Oliver Davis, Sr. was the first African American General Officer in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Armed Forces. His military career spanned half a century, four continents and three major wars. He was a warrior, a leader and a teacher but perhaps is best known for the major role he played in helping …

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The Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War offered American residents a possibility not just to show their love of country, yet also to place those patriotic feelings into practice by joining the U.S. Army. For several Americans it was considered a public responsibility to address the nation’s phone call at once of situation for the benefits of citizenship. For …

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Why You Can’t Let Go of Your First Love

Knowing why you can not let go of your first love (that belongs to your “psychological memories”) will assist you in finding freedom and recovery from the past. The very first time you fall in love is extra priceless and also more enchanting than all your various other enjoys put together! You always remember your …

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